Autonomic Neuropathy

When I eat, I sweat. It has nothing to do with how spicy the food is or how hot the weather is. If I eat, I will sweat. It’s a common occurrence for diabetics who get autonomic neuropathy like mine. At least that’s what the doctors tell me.



Sixth Nerve Palsy

I know you’re wondering WTH is that right? Yeah that’s my diagnosis on my right eye and why I wear an eyepatch occasionally now. Basically, my diabetes has affected that nerve to the point that it doesn’t work anymore. So now, I have a right eye that won’t look to the right. I’ve gotta put in some occupational therapy in and try to look to the right with that eye so as to exercise that muscle.


Diabetic peripheral neuropathy

What is it about having numb fingertips that makes it so hard to grab things? You can see that your touching the object but when you try to twist or turn or otherwise manipulate such object, you fail to do so. I can’t even think of an analogy.

Anyways, since I’ve started getting neuropathy in my hands it’s kinda been a bit different. I really have to watch myself in the kitchen since it’s really easy to either cut or burn myself. I’ve been burnt many times and it really sucks.

I did notice, however that my entire pinky is worse (on both hands). My doctor says it should be like putting a sock on your hands. You’ll get the numbness and tingling as you go up the arm. But in my case my pinkies are the worst. On top of that, my pinky and ring fingers are curled, much like a claw. My neurologist calls it the Ulnar claw. Apparently the ulnar nerve that runs through my elbow in either pinched or damaged. This also causes my hands to tingle more when I’m on my back and my elbows are touching the ground like I’m reading a book. This happens mostly when I’m reading in bed.

Apparently, this is normal for me who has this many issues with my body. Why do I complain about this? I want to help my fellow diabetics to let them know you’re not alone.

If you’re a diabetic or someone you care for is diabetic, let me know your experiences! And any tips for dealing with them are good too!

Rock and roll

Been a long time since I’ve written in this here site. My health hasn’t gotten much better, and maybe a bit worse. No matter what I do, it seems like I won’t get better. You can’t blame me for trying though. Someday it’ll get better. I’m just waiting for that day. Don’t give up on me yet!

It’s all about the drugs

So, now, my doctor has prescribed Morphine for my nighttime pains and neuropathy. It would seem because the gabapentin isn’t doing everything (I can’t even imagine if I didn’t take any at all how the pain would be like), he decided to give me morphine to be taken at around 5 to 6pm so I can sleep at night. It’s long acting, and in pill form, so it helps by giving me a small amount of morphine over the course of 12 hours. So far it’s been working ok for me, although I have to say it varies from day to day. But I believe it’s because my neuropathy varies that much. It’s really crazy.

I’ve been taking the morphine for just about 2 weeks now, and so far, it’s not bad. We’ll see how things go. Hopefully I’m not entirely a zonked out person. :D

Taylor’s Gift

There was a segment on the Today Show I watched on NBC that really touched me. It was about a girl who ended up donating her organs and in turn, saved 5 lives. As a kidney transplant recipient myself, I am really touched when I hear something like this happening. On the segment, you meet her parents, and another special person, the recipient of her heart. Very touching.

Find out how you can donate your organs and become a lifesaver as well at her website.

You can find the Today Show story here.

In case you didn’t know

I have to say the one year of my kidney transplant came and went last July 29th. I’ve been doing pretty good since. I guess the power of current medical technology is something else. Since the one year mark, things have been going pretty much ok. There are a few things which need to be resolved, but I’m sure things will work out eventually. I’m officially a permanent handicapper now, so I can get all the cool spots and actually be legal about it. It’s surprisingly easy to get a handicap decal. My doctor sent me a form, I signed it and turned it in and just like that I had 2 decals. Crazy I know.

I’ve also been experiencing a lot more pain from the neuropathy. I mean a lot more pain. They’re pretty much in my hands as well as my feet, and there are some days where it’s just take your breath away unbearable. My shoulder has been really killing me lately from tendonitis in the bicep and rotator cuff. Or something like that. Just another one of those things to chalk up on the board. If my medical record was transcribed onto paper, I swear it would probably be about 6 inches thick. Don’t laugh, I’ve seen medical records that thick. I did work in a hospital when we didn’t have computer medical records, you know.

What will tomorrow bring? Good weather I hope.